The truth behind Radley bags

Published: 13th October 2010
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Seldom does a design brand come from nowhere to "must have" status in such a quick period of time as Radley has.

Radley bags are now the highest selling designer handbag in the United Kingdom. although the first bag was only made in 1998!

Ms. Lowell Harder started selling handbags on Camden Market, London. She created her own bags and outsourced the production to India. Rache's creations attracted the eye of the John Lewis retail company but unfortunately without financial support Ms. Lowell Harder realised she would find it an uphill task to finance her venture. She decided to allow her company to be bought by a company by the name of Tula which gave her the time to focus only on creating handbags.

It was at this point that Rachel first started creating handbags under the brand name of Radley however things did not get off to a great start. Retailers didn't appreciate her vibrant designs and tried to persuade her to create something more subdued. Rachel completely refused and she carried on indulging herself on a creative level with her bags. Rachel loved dogs and started putting cut out images of a dog on her bags and the public loved them! Each and every Radley bag and accessory produced since then carries the popular Scottie silhouette on it.

The Radley philosophy of functionality and fun has earnt the brand plenty of admirers including celebrities.

The company maintain that they are not a "trend led" brand and the only "trend" they do pay attention to are seasonal colors. This can be seen clearly with the Radley signature bag collection.

Radley's signature bag captures all of the fun and creative vision of it's designer and is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited additions on the "Radley calendar". A new picture handbag is brought out twice a year with scenes relating to the seasons i.e. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Radley handbags contain an enormous amount of detailing and makes intelligent use of pastel and muted colours. The Radley "picture" bag is so nicknamed because the handbag will have a colourful scene designed on the front of the bag featuring a seasonal theme as well as the ubiquitous Scottie dog somewhere in the picture!

Due to Radley's success in the British market marketplace We have created a website which is dedicated to Radley accessories & Radley handbags.

I've tried to not only create a website where you can see thousands of
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